Turnkey vacation house

You dream, we build 

In the plan area of Harrisaajo we offer you a turnkey vacation house. Länsi-Lapin hirsi- ja rakennustyö will build the vacation house of your dreams in the Harrisaajo area, service include architectural design, permits and construction work.

Länsi-Lapin hirsi- ja rakennustyö has built dozens of vacation homes from intimate cottages to luxurious hideaways. Your house can be handcrafted in traditional Finish way from 'kelo' or 'pelkkahirsi' logs, or we can adapt catalogue houses of Finnish log house manufacturers to meet your needs. ????

Thirty years of  construction work experience in the conditions of Lapland guarantee that you will be able to enjoy your vacation home for years to come.

Living in a maintained vacation home area is effortless

Property maintenance service to your vacation home year-round. Property maintenance, renovations, snow removal, security and cleaning services can be all handled easily through or services.

Länsi-Lapin hirsi- ja rakennustyö
Leo Laakso joku muu kun leo!!!!

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