Unique experiences year-round

Nature and services for your enjoyment

Pallas-Ylläs National park and surrounding areas diverse nature offers you spectacular environment for different kinds of outdoor activities but also an opportunity for relaxing leisure time. Areas fjells, ridges, 'jäkä' which is treeless northern swamp area, lakes, rivers, and smaller streams that run from the fjells form a versatile and interesting environment. Pallas-Ylläs National park is surrounded by small idyllic villages, where you can find traditional lifestyle of reindeer herding and modern tourism mixing in the residents' lives, connecting the history and traditions to today's modern society. In the vicinity you can find Lapland's most popular ski resorts and their wide range of services.

  • Pallass-Ylläs Nationla park offers over 300 km of marked hiking and nature trails of different difficulty levels to your use. Stunning Hetta- Pallas trail starting almost from your door steps. 
  • Area has trails for mountain biking and snowshoeing.
  • Lakes and rivers of the area are rich in fish and thus every fisherman's dream.
  • Thea area has maintained ski trail, connecting to trails in surrounding areas, creating a network of hundereds of kilometers, starting from your doors steps.
  • Snowmobile trail/track/route??? is easily accessed straight from your own yard. These routes lead not only to areas ski resorts but all the way to Sweden and Norway.
  • Pallas, Levi, Ylläs and Olos ski resorts with their wide range of services are near by.
  • In the ski resort of Levi you can find wide range of services, for example spa, high-quality restaurants, clothing shops and night-cubs. 

Enjoy endless light of midnight sun, vibrant colors of 'ruska', polar nights darkness with northern lights and brightness of the spring's sparkling snow cover.